Bad Date Reporting

Shift publishes the “Bad Date" sheet as a way for sex workers to share bad experiences and help protect each other. Please report any bad dates you have. Reports can be done anonymously and/or confidentially. You can report through this online form or leave a message on our hotline number: (403) 237- 8171. Staff at local community organizations can also take reports directly.

What is a bad date?   A bad date is anything that you don’t want yourself or others to experience. It could be uneasy or creepy feeling about someone, rudeness, theft, refusal of payment, threats, and all acts of violence and aggression. Shift staff is here to support if you want to talk, need counseling, or wish to report crimes against you to the police.

Where can I get the "Bad Date" sheet? 

Click below to view the most recent copy of the "Bad Date" sheet or sign-up here to receive it to your e-mail.

Type of Incident

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